Blog Day 2020

If you have told me 6 years ago that my life would bring me to a different county, with whole new experience, selling products that I own I would have said that you have great Imagination.

But here we are in Stuttgart Germany 2020- conquering a new county, a new language, a completely new culture, and above all that I am writing this blog and selling my own products.

In my previous posts, you have learned already that this brand is bringing fresh looks with some tips to everyone. I am happy to say we have already worked with several photographers and bloggers from a large range of products who got the chance to test our surfaces in action.

Here is a glans from behind the scenes:

Great for food and cooking (white marble, pink and grid backdrops combination)

Also perfect for beauty and cosmetics (watercolor 02, pink plate, ceramic plate, blush set)

This is only the tip of the iceberg…
Looking forward to seeing stunning shots with our backdrops.

In our next tips I am going to give some solutions and ideas for lights control to get better results. Don’t forget to follow us also on Instagram.


Photos by: Sigal Ladenheim

Photos by: Ori Kraus


We are happy to share tips and tricks using our backdrops to get the best results possible.

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