Watery Ripple Effect!

Wants to learn simple and fast tricks for making dazzling posts?

Here is our tutorial on making this amazing watery animation with our backdrops.

Simply follow our steps and you got it!!!

First, you need to choose your item and the watery backdrop.
In this sample, we used drink cans and Mint water 02 backdrop.
Then we took a shoot in top view.

We used Pixeloop App, which has awesome animation effects to add some ripple water effect and lighting flares, to get the watery image. You can find the app on google play /app store, (note that it has a free- which is limited, and pro option).
Export your video, when you’re done you can always add sound effects as well.
That’s it, you are done and ready to post it.
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We are happy to share tips and tricks using our backdrops to get the best results possible.

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