How to create multiple compositions

As we are all swamped with tons of information, it’s easy to understand why we would like to stand out in our social media accounts, taking advantage of all their glory and give our photos a variety of great looks, that are fast and easy to apply.

Using backgrounds that enhance the right focus is very common, but what can we do once we start feeling that it’s repeating itself ?

Here are a few tips to help set up items in stunning compositions on our backdrops so you can get a stock of different photos for a range of uses.


Starting with the easiest way to create a variety of photos is to simply play with our point of view. We will divide it into two: Frontal view and top view (flatly).

Frontal View – whenever we are shooting an item at eye level or from a lower or an upper angle, it’s considered to be a frontal view. In general, it’s done to create the perspective between the item and its surroundings. A shot from an angle, lends a dramatic effect while a shot at eye level will keep the item’s surrounding neutral (“straight up”).

Top view – whenever we are creating the illusion of a flat item. To get this effect, we position the camera directly above the item.


After we understand we can play with the angles to get different effects in our shots, we should also start playing with the items positions in the scene and enrich our compositions.

One way is to lay a few items on the surface while others remain upright.

Another way is to place the items in different distances between them. We can focus and close up on the front while the rest of the frame is blurred or the opposite.


After figuring out the composition (angle and position) we want, we should now consider how the items are placed in relation to the shapes and colors on the backdrop we use and how they contrast with it.


And last but not least, a very effective tip is that we can get even more frames from a single shot by cropping and finding new compositions out of one picture. Those two frames were cropped from the photo above.

As seen in this post, we managed to create a considerable variety (and there’s plenty more) of interesting compositions and frames from just one backdrop and one set of items by following our tips above.

You can find this backdrop in our shop, individually or as part of a set.

All the photos in this post were taken with Iphone 11 Pro

We are happy to share tips and tricks using our backdrops to get the best results possible.

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