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Creating a scene is not always simple as it looks; this is where we’re stepping in.
Here are our first few tips to get your vision on track:

1. Choose a combination of 3-4 backdrops in different sizes, which will create a contrast to the shot’s subject but make sure that they don’t steal the focus from it.

photography backdrop set

2. Find 1-3 extra styling props in the same color scheme; keep in mind that not every take needs props.

3. Try to shoot at the same time of the day, this way your lighting will be similar.
4. Pose your subject to take shots from different angles: Flat-Lay, Frontal, Close-Up, etc.
5. Don’t be shy to edit the outcome a little, try to keep your editing setting for future use.

Good luck!

All the photos in the blog was taken with Samsong A40

We are happy to share tips and tricks using our backdrops to get the best results possible.

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