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How it all began?
Our brand was born out of the need to give Photography that extra touch. As we all became better at taking photos because we can do that anywhere at any time, thanks to our smartphones. Our phones technology also helps to make our photos so much better. We all proudly care for our social media accounts and show our photos to the world. It doesn’t matter if we do it as amateurs or as professionals; whether it’s to promote a product or just to set up a scene from our lives. 

Our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to express themselves creatively and uniquely.

We give a variety of designs, each of them can be used on any kind of subject: from food to cosmetics, through accessories, jewelry and fashion; basically anything.


The backdrops are printed on 2.2 mm flexible vinyl with a polyester coating layer for a matte finish.
Made of recycled material, the backdrop is water-resistant, heat-resistant and printed with UV long-lasting, non-toxic, eco-friendly ink.

Our Material doesn’t absorb liquids, you can easily snap a shot without risk of damaging it.
It’s easy to clean with just a wipe of a wet cloth and it’s simple to store – just roll it!

We invite you to take a step forward with us on this journey

We are happy to share tips and tricks using our backdrops to get the best results possible.

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